Linear guide modules

Easier & faster much assembly than linear square ball guide rail,people call our linear motion module with different names like linear guide rail module, roller linear guide, linear slide modules


It can be combined into different structure such as single axis, X/Y axis, X/Y/Z axis or Gantry structure

Different lengths, different load capacity, we provide customization service as your requirement.

No matter automatic production lines, automatic glue dispensers, automatic glue sprayer, time-lapse photography, automatic painting spraying machine, 3D printers, 2 axis & 3 axis robot arm or anything else. As long as there is a need for linear motion, five laser will be a good choice for you.

Spec Sheet—— Customizable

Model Belt width/Lead Max. length Loading Fx/Fz (Static/Dynamic)
KNK4006 15mm/75mm <4000mm 100/40N-------100/50N
KNK4506 15mm/75mm <4000mm 200/80N-------200/100N
KNK4566 15mm/75mm <4000mm 200/80N-------200/100N
KNK6008 20mm/95mm <6000mm 600/260N------600/260N
KNK50N 20mm/95mm <6000mm 600/240N------600/300N
KNK80N 30mm/180mm <6000mm 900/390N------900/390N
KNK50M 20mm/95mm <6000mm 300/240N------120/90N
KNK65S 30mm/125mm <6000mm 800/320N------800/400N
KNK80S 30mm/150mm <6000mm 1200/500N-----1200/500N
KNK4566B 15mm/75mm <4000mm 200/80N--------200/100N