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    Fiber laser welding machine    
    R&D and produced by Five Laser


    Higher welding speed, great welding effects, lower running cost

    Based on Raycus continuous wave fiber laser source. Above laser cabinet is suitable for laser power 1000w~3000w








    This is another cabinet design for laser welding machine, if need 1000w or 1500w, this smaller cabinet also can be optional







    Peers are using laser welding machine for replacing
    MIG welder & YAG laser welder
    Are you still waiting?


    The efficiency of laser welding is increased by 2-10 times than traditional welding way, which can reduce the welding workers and grinder workers. Inexperienced operators can handle the laser welding machine in 1 hour and learning immediately.


    Our laser welding machine R&D by dual wobble welding head for best welding performance





    Look at the laser welding speed

    No professional welder?
    Fiber laser welding can still be beautiful


    The laser welding machine can weld stainless steel & aluminum alloy directly without wire feeder. Also no need to shake the welding torch like the mig welder, just need to drag it straight. The first photo for welding without wire feeder


    If weld thicker material or need stronger welding seam, then wire feeder will be recommended work together with the laser welding machine, our wire feeder will be feeding the stainless steel or aluminum wire automatically. The second photo for laser welding with wire feeder









    Above photo is for showing stainless steel laser welding by FLW-1500H

    Commonly the laser welding divide into butt joint welding, corner joint welding, lap joint welding, tee joint welding & edge joint welding 5 types







    Laser welder is widely applied on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy welding. Right now copper welding, such as copper welding with copper, copper welding with stainless steel will be hot application in the next, because it provides a new way for copper products manufacturing. Our company, Five Laser also got very good welding performance for copper welidng and different material welding. 








    Laser welder for welding carbon steel, the sample thickness 2.8mm & 1500w laser welder. The welding speed is 2~5 times faster than TIG welder & MIG welder













    Five Laser company focus on improving welding quality, and providing welding craft package option for easy operation for end user.

    For example when buyer want to weld in 3mm thickness stainless steel, just need to select the 3mm/SUS craft package for direct using. No need set laser power, laser frequency, welding width and others one by one




    Proficient in external corner welding, internal corner welding, flat welding, lap welding, joint welding and stitch welding


    6 spot modes are available, make laser welding stronger

    Sheet metal welding

    Metal door&Windows

    Advertising letter

    Kitchenware welding

    Storage rack welding

    Machine cabinet
















    Handheld fiber laser welder
    Dual-scanning motor head is highly recommened


    Dual-scanning motor welding head, or called "dual-wobble welding torch", which can get more laser spot mode, Compared with the single motor welding head models in the market, the welding is firmer and the welding seam is more beautiful














    Details of laser welding head

    Laser welding torch



    Innovative laser welding torch adopts dual-wobble technology, it means two scanning motor inside of welding torch (x axis and y axis). That's the reason the laser welding head can output more than 6 working mode such as circle, line, dot, oval, triangle and etc. It means there is no need shaking the welding torch during working like mig welder, just need drag the welding torch in straight line toward back. Also we adopts insert-type protective lens design and light-body design





    More convenient to show

    welding parameters on display of head


    Humanized design,lighter body


    Different color for optional











    Fiber laser welding VS YAG laser VS Argon arc welding











    Fiber laser welder VS YAG laser welder---Consumables cost











    Fiber laser welder VS Argon arc welder---Running cost












    1st core advantage---Raycus fiber laser source



    The fiber laser source is most important to a handheld fiber laser welding machine. Stability is first, only choose the right one!










    2nd core advantage---Dual-scanning motor welding head



    The dual-scanning motor welding head provides a variety of optional laser spot modes, just for better welds! Say goodbye to the single motor welding head with single spot mode. High quality fiber laser welder adopts dual-scanning motor welding head





    The laser welding head or called laser welding torch alraedy improved from single-protective lens to dual-protective lens, which will be better for protecting inner lenses. Inside of laser torch there are total 8pcs lens and mirrors, 1pcs collimated lens, 2pcs scanning mirrors, 2pcs reflective mirrors, 1pcs focus lens, 2pcs protective lens. Under dual-protective lens, the inner lens & inner mirrors can be protectied much better, because exchange protective lens will be very easy by insert tool design if any damaged.





    3rd core advantage---7" LCD touch operating panel



    The parameters can be changed and use immediately without waiting. English, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean lauguage are also available for option. There is also a extra display on welding head for show key parameters










    Fourth core advantage---Teyu S&A professional water chiller



    To make sure the fiber laser welder working in good condition, the water chiller with high precise temperature control is very important. Dual-temperature control Teyu S&A water chiller will be best choice for high stability. The model RMFL-1500 is for 1000w & 1500w laser welder & RMFL-2000 for 2000w laser welder. The Teyu chiller can cool the fiber laser source, laser output QBH head & laser welding head (welding torch) together at the same time. Nice cooling will be necessary insurance for high stability in long term use













    Fifth core advantage---Visable red pointing for easy locating



    Visibility is really good, the red spot is coincided with the welding joint, what you see is what you get












    Sixth core advantage--- Super long fiber cables



    There is around 8.5 meters length between welding head to fiber laser welder output. Let our handheld welding head go farther, I can weld more area!















    Seventh core advantage--- Automatic wire feeding for optional



    The laser welding machine can do welding on material directly. It also can be working together with automatic wire feeder for stronger welding seam. Our wire feeder provides pumpback functions, also the wire feeding speed can be adjusted. The popular feeding wire such as stainless steel 304, aluminum alloy ER5356. And the feeding wire diameter can be selected from 0.8~1.6mm diameter









    Handheld fiber laser welder
    Models and specifications
    • Model:  FLW-1000H (1000w)
    •                                 FLW-1500H (1500w)
    •                                  FLW-2000H (2000w)
    •                                  FLW-3000H (3000w)

    • Series:               Handheld H series
    • Name :              Fiber laser welder
    • Control system:      Qilin dual-wobble 
    • Scanning type:      Dual scanning motor 
    •                       Laser source:     Raycus laser source as standard
    •            Lasers option:    RECI、Max laser sources
    •                              Apply for:       Stainless steel,Carbon steel,                                                               Aluminum,  Brass, galvanized sheet
    •           Cooling type:         Dual-temperature control
    •                    Laser spot:        7 modes laser spot for option
    •  Welding frequency:      2-30HZ(1HZ=8 loop/s)
    • Laser spot diameter: 1~5mm adjustable