What we recommend is the high stability laser tube C series

Medium power laser tube, the peak power reach 260w,
thick acrylic, wood, MDF and metal sheet can be cut together

All the investments are for more lasting vitality of laser tube

Our strict running testing are for your more reliable use
the most beautiful laser beam comes from the most durable physical coating/catalyst technology

Data of C90, which is very stable & important for laser tube lifetime

Data of C90, commonly the C90 peak power will be more than 100w

Fault rate for C series laser tube during warranty is only around 2%~5%, 

which is the better than other competitors

Spec Sheet—— Customizable

Model Length Diameter Rated power Peak power Warranty
C35 720mm 50mm 30w 35w 5 months
C60 1200mm 50mm 60w 80w 5 months
C80 1600mm 60mm 80w 100w 5 months
C90 1250mm 80mm 80w 100w 7 months
C100 1450mm 80mm 100w 120w 7 months
C130 1650mm 80mm 130w 150w  7 months
C150 1850mm 80mm 150w  170w 7 months
V20 1450mm 80mm 180w 220w  10 months
V26 1800mm 80mm 220w 260w 10 months