Laser sewing machine-- How to upgrade sewing machine with laser system?  Five laser provide full solution on it

Laser cutting head for cutting garment on sewing machine

Upgrading common sewing machine with laser system full solution
Pocket cutting and sewing can be finished on one machine

  • Laser power supply

  • Laser tube

  • Water chiller

All necessary components are included

Laser cutting head & sewing machine needle working together

The laser system will be pre-assemblied and pre-tested before delivery.  It includes laser tube, laser power supply, water chiller, relay, red preview and etc. 

Complete laser system is ready for installing on your sewing machine

So easy assembly

Integrated laser system without match problem

Spec Sheet—— Customizable

Model Sewing size Cutting size Laser power recommended
LG90W Only laser system  Suitable for G/E style 80w~100w
LG100W Only laser system  
 Suitable for G/E style 100w~120w
LG130W Only laser system  Suitable for G/E style 130w~150w
LG60W Only laser system  Suitable for G/E style 60w~80w
LG50W Only laser system  Suitable for G/E style 50w~60w

LGM3520 350*200mm 210mm 80w-100w
LGM4030 400*300mm 260mm 80w-100w
LGM5030 500*300mm 360mm 80w-100w
LGM6040 600*400mm 460mm 80w-100w